Stockholder and Associate INDOOR Membership Information


Memberships of this class shall not exceed 80 in number, and shall be entitled to a certificate for one share of corporate stock in the Club, and shall have those rights, privileges and duties provided under the Club's Articles of Agreement and By-Laws.  All stockholder members are obligated to pay dues annually.

Current annual family membership fee is $650.00.

Assigned time draw sheet is distributed to all Stockholders in good standing with the Notice of Annual Dues.  Each Stockholder member (and his/her family) shall be entitled to one period of play as assigned time each week (October 1 - April 30).

Reservations of open time may be made with the Algonquin Reservation System up to 72 hours prior to the time of play.

Guests shall be allowed the privileges of the Club only when a Stockholder or Associate member is present and part of the group.  No person shall have guest privileges more than three (3) times per month.


Privileges of Associate Members:

Associate Members receive privileges as Stockholders except assigned time, no ownership interest and no voting rights on Club issues. 

Reservation of open time may be made with the Algonquin Reservation System up to 48 hours prior to the time of play. 

Currently $850.00 per year per individual.

Addition of a spouse is $75.00 per year. 

Addition of each child is $50.00 per year.

OUTDOOR Members:

Prorated separate, all inclusive, family memberships for the 3 outdoor clay courts are available beginning 7/2022.
Cost for Shareholders is $650.00.
All other General Members, $750.00.
All court reservations are made on the ARS, online, up to 72 hours in advance, rolling time.